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Key Features:

1. Increased muscular endurance and strength, 2. Intense, focused energy and improved energy expenditure, 3. Delays muscle fatigue, fights muscle degradation.

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Muscle Pharm Assault Sport is creating a new standard in performance pre-workouts. University studied and Designed specifically for the modern-day athlete, Assault sport provides unmatched energy and boosts your performance during intensive. Assault sport features one of the most studied and scientifically proven supplements for strength gains in creatine monohydrate, also featured is carnosyn beta-alanine that works to buffer lactic acid built up from strenuous exercise, reducing performance fatigue, and prolonging your intense workouts. All of this, plus an explosive energy & focus blend to help you attack your training right out of the gate are what make assault sport the next level of pre-workout nutrition. Assault sets the standard in pre-workouts for athletes looking to achieve peak results. Designed specifically for the modern-day athlete, Assault features proven, researched performance-enhancing ingredients for lean body mass, strength and power output and improved endurance and recovery time. Take your game to the next level with Assault!

  • Product Code 00087
  • Form Powder
  • Size 345gm
  • Serving Size 11.5 gm
  • Number of Servings 30

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4 reviews for MUSCLE PHARM ASSULT - 30 Servings

I have used many pre-workouts previous to this. NO Xplode, Neurocore, Jack3D etc etc. But this is by far the best. I bench rose from 75 kgs to 115 kgs in just 1 tub. Guess it works differently for each one. Do try this and see if it works for you.
  • aarif
  • 08/Apr/2021 09:16 AM
Good product by musclepharm
  • abhishekh
  • 08/Apr/2021 09:17 AM
I have tried so many pre-workouts like Gat nitraflex, GXN N.O pump ,Maniac Pre-workout but those formulas didn't actually work for me as GXN give alot of tingling that you just want to get rid of it and Gat didn't give me that strength but this formula actually worked for me with very less tingling sensation but pure form of energy and actual strength ? & the pump was just amazing like i never had felt before.
  • avinash mohato
  • 08/Apr/2021 09:18 AM
"ASSAULT gives you amazing energy and intensity to keep your workout going. You can also witness absolute pumps every single time. One of the best pre-workout supplements!
  • ansari azaz
  • 08/Apr/2021 09:20 AM